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    If you’ve made it to this page, congratulations, you are one step closer to the glory of representing The Clothing Brand of The South. We want your help to spread the word like wild fire on campuses across the nation.

    Our company was founded in the great state of South Carolina and our brand encompasses not only southern ideals but it is embedded in our everyday lives. Whether you buy our gear online or at your favorite store in town, you truly are getting a southern born brand.

    For those of you who go to school in the South, we are looking for team members that can live the brand and have fun in the process.
    For those of you who go to school north of the Mason Dixon line, the same rules apply, but we need team members who can show the folks on your respective campus how we live life in the South and make Coast the go-to brand on your campus (think Coors Brewing Co. circa 1980).


    Think of this program as the most fun elective you could possibly take, minus the tests! Create sponsored events like tailgating or fun runs and give away free gear. If accepted, you’ve landed yourself an on-campus internship with Coast Apparel! All we ask is that you spread the word about Coast in every way possible, as well as participating in weekly and monthly challenges created by us.

    The best reps around the country will be hooked up in free swag and prizes throughout each semester. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on, so sign up below and let’s get this party started.


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    Note: There is a possibility that slots for your school are full or on hold, so not all requests can be honored.
    Don't let that stop you - w
    e are always looking for new talent!