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    We grew up spending time at the beach with family and friends. Hanging out. Going to parties. Walking along the shoreline. Roasting oysters.  Throwing a football. Crabbing in the marsh. Playing music around the bonfire. We squeezed every thrill and meaningful moment out of every single day. It was, and still is, a way of life. This is the vision for COAST Apparel.

    A prep-inspired beach brand at its core, COAST represents a relaxed style, an easy going attitude and a passion for life. Collections are designed to bring the coastal experience of weekends and summers at the beach to everyday life, throughout the year. Our customers don't stress... they don't press... they just COAST. 

    The COAST full line of premium casual apparel is as much a testament to good times and carefree afternoons as it is to superior quality, custom fit and maximum comfort. It has inspired us to create an apparel line for others who understand and celebrate the relaxed, yet sophisticated coastal lifestyle—and wish to stay connected with it, and COAST, each and every day.

    COAST Apparel encompasses a lifestyle. The assortment is grounded in the classics with a twist of trends woven into the clothes and gear.

    COAST Apparel is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. Please visit our retail locations - two in Greenville – one on Augusta Road and our new concept store in downtown Greenville. A 3rd is located on Pawleys Island. COAST can also be found at select retailers nationwide; visit our store locator page for details.